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Shipping and processing

How long is shipping?

We offer 3day ups shipping on most items but have the option of upgrading.

How long is processing?

Processing time is dependent on your bank most are 3-5 days. 

What if my order is damaged in transportation?

We do our best to package responsibly. If an item is damaged and it is due to our negligence we replace all items free of charge. 

What is your return policy?

Digital, and custom items are final sale. 

Birthing onyx

When should child birth education be taken?

Child birth education should be takeN as soon as you are able to. Educating yourself earlier gives you the opportunity to practice and expand your knowledge.


How do I book?

pressing the Book Now button. It will lead you to our product page where you can commit to Just encapsulation or dehydration. For local placentas, this price is $150 for distance placentas it is $250.

Can I have more than one item?

You can have as many items as you would like. Just understand that placenta size determines how much of each can be made.

What If I want something other than encapsulation?

After you will receive confirmation and be asked to set up a time for a consultation to determine which products you would like and to go over pick up process.

Can I have my previously encapsulated placenta turned into these?

Yes, meessage me!

Silver Lotus

What are waist beads?

Waist beads are a strand of beads that are placed along the waist line. They traditionally are used to track weight, show value, encourage healing, and tell stories of the wearers journey. 

Are the crystals real?

All of our crystals are genuine, unless specified. 

Do your products belong to a certain religious group or spiritual base?

Our products do not belong to a certain faith or spiritual base. We believe that everyone deserves tools on their healing journey and we create items accordingly. Custom pieces can be made to represent or respect certain cultures. 

Are yoni steams all of the time?

Yoni steams are safe during any time other than pregnancy. We offer steams for created specifically for each phase of your moon cycle. 

Can I use a yoni steam during my menses?


Olive Branch

Why do I need a consultation for herbal remedies?

Occasionally the bigger picture is needed to determine the correct herbs to use. Rather if it is for safety measures due to other symptoms you may be having or allergies. 

Are your products FDA approved?

Herbal remedies are not FDA approved, we are not medical doctors we do not claim to treat or diagnose any problems or medical limitations with our products. 

Can formulas be changed in accommodation for allergies?

Yes, please message us.

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